Other Unique Products

LED Low Glow Key Fob

Motion activated light adapter, turns light on when motion is detected.

Features & Benefits:

•  Turns light on when motion is detected and off automatically.

•  Adjustable “On” time of 1 or 10 minutes.

•  120 degrees by 50′ detection zone.

•  Adjustable sensor head provides maximum detection.

•  For use in both par lamp fixtures and decorative fixtures.

•  150 watts, indoors or outdoors use.

•  Use with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Super Rope Cinch

The Super Rope Cinch® is a revolutionary new way to tie rope without tying or untying a knot. With a simple twist, the Super Rope Cinch® secures ropes.

The Super Rope Cinch® can hold a great amount of vertical or horizontal pressure, yet can be tied and untied in less than 1 second with a simple twist.

Currently, the patented Super Rope Cinch® is one of the most unique products in the world, allowing anyone to secure most anything using only a simple twist. Use the Super Rope Cinch® for tying boats, tents, luggage, backpacks, snowboards, wakeboards, PWC, boat bumpers, tools, and everything else you fasten with rope. The Super Rope Cinch® is considered by many to be the safe alternative to using a bungee cord.