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LED Temperature Sensing Shower Head

How often did you burn yourself, just by checking if the water is hot?  Thanks to MagicShowerhead Temperature Sensing by simply looking at the color it will give you a sense of the temperature.  This can assist your children and senior parents from serious burns from the water.

White = Cold (below 35C)

Blue = Warm (36C to 38C)

Purple = Warmer (38C to 40C)

Red = Hot (above 40C)

Features & Benefits

• Built in water saving feature (2.5 gallons / 80 psi)

• 15-LED illuminated water jets.

• Easy cleaning, quickly remove hard water scale by simply unscrewing the removable transparent cover.

• Easy installation - fits to any 1/2" shower pipe; usually not tool required, sometimes a wrench to remove the old shower head.

• LED Light Source – Never needs to be replaced.

SH1040 - Fix

SH2040N - Hand

White LED - below 35C

Purple LED - between 38C to 40C

Blue LED - between 36C to 38C

Red LED - above 40C

Disclaimer:  The LED Light is only intended to give an indication of the water temperature.  IT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON.  Under no circumstances will LED Lite Solutions Inc, the manufacturer or any other parties involved in the manufacturing, selling and distribution of this product be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special or punitive damages whatsoever resulting from the use of this product.