Unique household products that use LED

lighting in innovative ways.

LED 5-Color Changing Shower Rain Head

Do you find your energy levels completely depleted by the time you get home from a eventful day?  Tired of the same old, boring shower you take on a daily basis?

MagicShowerhead revolutionizes the way you take your shower with the Color Fading Rain Head.  Each Rain Head comes with LED lights that fade 5 different colours (green, turquois, blue, magenta and red).

Features & Benefits

• Built in water saving feature (2.5 gallons / 80 psi)

• Up to 5-different color fading.

• Easy cleaning, quickly remove hard water scale from the 100 soft vinyl spray jets in seconds; by simply running your hand over them.

• Easy installation - fits to any 1/2" shower pipe; usually not tool required, sometimes a wrench to remove the old shower head.

• LED Light Source – Never needs to be replaced.

SH8036 - Rain