Unique household products that use LED

lighting in innovative ways.

LED 7-Color Changing Shower Head

Do you find your energy levels completely depleted by the time you get home from a eventful day?  Tired of the same old, boring shower you take on a daily basis?

MagicShowerhead revolutionizes the way you take your shower with the Color Fading Standard Fixed or Hand Held Head.  Each Fix or Hand Head comes with LED lights that fade 7 different colours (white, green, blue, yellow, orange, red and purple).

Features & Benefits

• Built in water saving feature (2.5 gallons / 80 psi)

• Up to 7-different color fading.

• 15-LED illuminated water jets.

• Easy cleaning, quickly remove hard water scale by simply unscrewing the removable transparent cover.

• Easy installation - fits to any 1/2" shower pipe; usually not tool required, sometimes a wrench to remove the old shower head.

• LED Light Source – Never needs to be replaced.

SH1026 - Fix

SH2026N - Hand