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Frequent Asked Questions

How many colours of LEDs do you have?

As a standard feature on all LED AddressFinder signs; Ultra-Bright White LEDs are automatically included.

What colours of lettering do you have to choose from?

We have 1 choice: white.

How long does it take to get an AddressFinder sign?

Customers can expect to receive their orders within 10-15 working days from the time of order.

Is the AddressFinder sign energy efficient?

Yes. The sign is designed to stay on from dusk to dawn and will consume 5 watts of power.

Is there a limit to the amount of characters that can fit on each sign?

Yes, each sign is designed to fit a maximum number of characters.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 1-year manufacturers guarantee for any manufacturer defects and a 3-year warranty for the LEDs.

Where should I install the sign?

It's completely up to you. For maximum efficiency, install your LED AddressFinder sign in a location that is highly visible from the street. Suggested locations include above the garage door or near the front entrance if the visibility is good. Some people have even mounted it inside the front window.

How do I install my AddressFinder sign once it has arrived?

A set of instructions will be provided in the shipping box. They can also be downloaded from this website.

What type of care and maintenance does the illuminated address sign require?

Maintenance of your AddressFinder sign is very simple. Dampen a soft cotton cloth (do not use paper based material as it may scratch the surface) with a warm water and gently wipe the front surface.

If your AddressFinder sign does not come on, check that the:

1. Wiring is connected correctly.

2. Transformer / AC-Adapter is properly inserted into the electrical outlet.

3. The electrical outlet is functioning.

4. The electrical outlet in NOT controlled by a light switch.

5. There is no outside light interfering with the photosensor located on the side of the mounting base.